KO Beading Thread

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K.O. Beading Thread is a strong, fray-resistant, non-stretchy thread. This Japanese thread is believed to be identical to the TOHO brand One G Thread, and is ideal for using in seed bead embroidery and weaving. The fibers of the cut end stay together, making it easy to thread. It does not tangle or fray easily.  It is similar in size to a Nymo size B, but much stronger. The thread is pre-waxed and color fast.  It also has just enough stretch to maintain good tension and drape. Like other nylon threads, K.O. can be cut and burned with a thread burner. It can be threaded on size 10 - 12 beading needles. A spool of K.O. thread is 50 meters long (55 YDS / 164 Feet.).