Enamel Charms 10mm Basket Ball 10pcs
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Enamel Charms 10mm Basket Ball 10pcs

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Date Added: 10/30/2019 by Kris K.
I didn't think these looked a whole lot like basketballs on their own, so I think they can be used in non-sports contexts.
I'm not sure whether or not they are enamelled or painted, but the finish seems hard and durable. They color of the sections is a dark taupe to greenish-brown, and in-between the silver, the incised areas are black. They seem to me to be slightly more oval than round,
Their weight surprised me - my scale only does whole grams and on it, one weighs around 7 grams. A bit too heavy to use to mark sropped stitches in knitting, but ideal for items that benefit from having small weights at the corners.

Hopefully that helps some folks!