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Diamond Net Weave Materials needed: 130 - 140 x 4mm beads Approx 3g Size 11/0 seed beads Approx 5g Size 15/0 seed beads Approx 4 yards of beading thread (fireline / nymo) Size 12 beading needle Clasp Instructions: 1. Thread your needle with a comfortable length of thread to work with and leave a 12 inch tail. Pick up one 4mm bead and one 11/0; repeat two more times so that you have a total of three sets of each. 2. Tie a knot to form a circle and feed the needle through all the beads again to hide the knot. 3. Pick up three 15/0 seed beads, one 11/0 seed bead and three 15/0 seed beads and go through the next 11/0. 4. Repeat step 3 twice, going through each 11/0 (outlined in red) in the row. 5. To get into position to start the next row, thread the needle through the next three 15/0’s as well as the next 11/0 to “step up”. 6. Use your fingers to position the beads upwards to form a basket-shape (the beads should make triangular shapes with the three 11/0’s on top). Pull the thread snug. 7. Your thread should be exiting an 11/0 at the top of the net. Pick up a 4mm bead and go through the next 11/0 at the top of the net. Repeat twice so that there are a total of three 4mm’s nestling between the 11/0’s. Keep your working thread tight. 8. Repeat steps 3-7 until the desired length is reached. Keep in mind that the clasp will add approximately 1” to the length. (make sure your last row is a row made with the 4mm beads (a step 7-row) so that both ends of the bracelet looks the same). 9. To add the clasp pick up 5 x 15/0’s (make sure your needle is exiting an 11/0, feed the needle through the hole of the clasp and back through the fifth 15/0 bead (bead A).
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