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Basic Peyote Stitch

#12 Beading needle
Size 8◦ seed bead (±8 grams)/
Size 11◦ delica bead (best for peyote)

Thread the needle with a comfortable length of fireline and add a stop bead (add any size bead and pass the needle back through the other side). Leave a 12 inch tail. 

Pick up an even number of beads (8 or 10 beads are usually a comfortable width for a bracelet). In peyote stitch, rows are nestled together and counted diagonally, so these beads will actually form the first two rows.

To begin row 3, pick up a bead and stitch through the second bead from the end. Pull the thread tight so that the new bead added sits on top off the bead that was “skipped” 

Pick up another bead, skip a bead and go through the next bead. Continue this to the end of the row. 


Flip your work over and begin row 4 by adding a bead, skip a bead, add a bead, etc. The bead will start forming “high” and “low” beads, making it much easier to add beads. Continue until the desired length is achieved and attach clasp.

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