Czech Silky Beads

These Two-Hole diamond shaped Silky beads are a new addition to our Czech beads. The bead holes are large enough to allow for multiple passes of beading threads. These beads are made in the Czech Republic from pressed glass and have a very uniform size and shape. The corners are softly rounded and will not cut into your skin or thread. These beads have a 6mm diameter with two parallel holes each measuring 1mm in diameter. 40 beads per strand (strand is approx 6"). Beads Direct always sells at wholesale prices.


Czech Glass 2-hole Silky Beads *5mm (40) Turquoise Green

Czech Glass 2-hole Silky Beads *5mm (40) Turquoise Green

This is for the new 5mm Silky beads - we usually stock only the 6mm - reduced to clear an accidental order of the 5mm beads
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